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High class design with aluminum border with edges from ‘Napavas Product’. ✨🥰

Wall decoration is one of the important parts of interior design and it can tell the preference of the owner. Selecting each raw material needs to be punctilious in details for making a perfect plan. Nowadays, aluminum products are popular in the construction group that consist of architects, house owners, designers, and etc. Due to aluminum products are easy to set up and it can apply in many functions. Moreover, the most important features of aluminum products are durability, strength, and etc. In this blog, it’s our pleasure to introduce you with an aluminum border with edges, an appropriate product for wall decoration in your own styles.

The aluminum border with edges is used for wall decoration. The purpose can adapt to use for the leading line to make your walls outstanding. Also, creating unique patterns and adding the dimensions to the design in both interior and exterior. In addition, the product has a long lifetime that is worth investing in. Nevertheless, the aluminum border with edges is uncomplicated to maintain by using a damp cloth to clean the product in a dirty area, then using a dry cloth to wipe off. Finally, the aluminum border with edges will be liked new.

Our product is made from 6063 aluminum alloy which has great various functions, such as strength, durability, anti rust, climate resistance, color fadeless, and it can be recycled and made environmentally-friendly and get along with a new gen lifestyle and their behavior. Moreover, this product can reduce the possibility of wall cracking in terms of tile, granite, terrazzo, marble, laminate that are popular for using.

Napavas Product has various aluminum borders with edges products for use in different purposes. The example of color that the company has are gold hairline, silver, hairline, gold, silver, and aluminum by anodizing color. The product size is width 10 millimeters and length 2 meters in standard size.

For further information of the aluminum borders with edges and other profiles. (Corner trim, Trim, Step Nosing, Dividing Strips, Skirting, etc.) from us, please find and contact us a below:

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