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Let us introduce you to the decorated products from ‘Napavas Product Co.,Ltd.’ 👍🏡

🏡 Products that can help to design your interior decoration and these kinds of products are often seen in many places; Construction projects, hotels, houses, shopping malls, and etc. Both materials which are aluminum and stainless products from Napavas Product can create a better decoration and design, such as border, dividing strip, skirting, step nosing, and corner trim. The first product that had launched into the market was corner trim and step nosing. Then, the company developed and launched more on skirting and border products for supporting various house decorations.

Strength of wall and floor decoration products from ‘Napavas Product’.

The company produces products from using 6003 aluminum alloy, which is widely used in many industries due to a lot of properties, such as durability in all weather, abiding for erosion, and anti rust. For stainless products, the company used stainless steel that mixed with iron and carbon, resulting in the strength and durability of stainless products. Also, the most important point is 304 stainless steel has a standard certified for hard to make rust. Nevertheless, products that are made from both raw materials help the environment by recycling to get new and up-to-date designs.

How many wall and floor decoration products from ‘Napavas Product’.

Aluminum / /Stainless Steel Corner Trim: For interior tile uses, which are wall and floor decoration. Reducing the possibility of tile split up.

Aluminum / Stainless Steel Border: For interior uses, which are wall and floor decoration. Dividing different material areas. Or use it for the leading line.

Aluminum / Stainless Steel Step Nosing: For interior uses, non-slip edges of tile. Reducing the possibility of the edges of the stair corner and floors to split up.

Aluminum / Stainless Skirting: For interior uses, which is the lower part of the wall to cover the area between wall and floor. Also, it can be used as a shockproof product in the hardest use area.

Aluminum Dividing Strips: For interior uses, which cover all joints, such as laminate, veneer wood, and etc.

Aluminum / Stainless Border: For interior uses, which use decorative edges of tile to prevent nicks and cracks in the tile.

Aluminum Trim: An element of aluminum corner trim for easier be composed of edges of tile.

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